14 Reasons why Indians love Paani Puri beyond the universe!

Paani Puri or Puchkas or Gol Gappas is one of those Indian discoveries which every generation will be thankful for. It is one of the biggest mood enhancers and it helps your taste buds get alive which is a good sign. Isn’t it? After all, somewhere food is our weakness!

You are hungry, eat it, you are upset, eat it, you are getting bored, eat it. Somehow, this spicy Indian dish has proved to be our life saver and so to say thanks for such a big contribution in our lives, we bring to you 14 signs which prove why every Indian loves Pani Puri beyond the world.

1. Paani puri stalls can be found easily wherever you are!

Be it for relatives, cousins, guests or any special person – the Paani Puri wala is not so far from your reach. In India, one can find a stall at a stone’s throw distance and so the problem of supremely hungry people like us, is solved by walking just few steps to the stall.

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We Indians love to eat and keep looking for an excuse to eat Paani Puri specially in a city like Delhi, visit to such stalls is a regular business.


2. Paani Puri gets it right!

Let us not forget Panni Puri is India’s discovery and so it will satisfy everybody’s need. Hence, your Paani Puri uncle knows what flavour of Paani Puri will make you eat 10 plates. You might like,  meetha paani  and for your friend,  teekha paani. You will hardly see people complaining about the taste at any Paani Puri stalls because they all get what they want and so you see happy faces all around the PaaniPuri stall.

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3. You avoid other unhealthy food
Yes, you make a plan, then another and then you do some more planning but,  finally no food can ever surpass the craving of hot and spicy paani puri, so you give in. Good news is, it keeps you away from consuming those huge bags of calories you get from Pizzas and noodles. It ‘ll onlyupset your stomach. Big deal! That is the reason why we have bottles of Hajmola at home. ;)

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4. No enemies
You fight with your friends deciding what to eat when you go out. Here also Paani Puri will help you patch up with your friends because everybody loves it!

Keep calm and eat paani puri!

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5. Fun game!
It not only satisfies your taste buds and hunger but also keeps the kid inside you alive. You can always play “Tum kitne gol gappe kha sakte ho” with your friends. It is always a win-win situation.

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6. Pocket Friendly
Mainland China, US Pizza, Mc Donalds, etc., attack your pockets directly. But paani puri is value for money. It understands you need to save some bucks from your pocket money.

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7. Spice it up
If you are angry, eat the spicy Paani Puri, if you are happy, eat the sweet one, if you just want to lift your mood add extra onions! Paani Puri not only serves hunger issues but also helps you balance your emotions. Never ever give up on Paani Puri!

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8. Its unforgettable taste
From the moment you put your first gol gappa in your mouth till the last drop of imli water you drink from the paper bowl, the entire process is just so delicious! Devouring Paani Puri is part of life of every Indian!

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9. There are no limits!
“Bas Bhaiya, ek plate ke kitne huye?”  -said no Indian ever. If you stop after eating just a plate we are sorry, but “Aap, Ek Non Indian hai!” 

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10. No side effects
Eating Paani Puri is healthy, except for a little stomach issue. It has no ajinomoto to give you cancer, no sugar to give you diabetes. In fact, it has onions which make your hair shiny!

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11. Your love for “Imli Ka Paani”
You can always ask for extra imli ka paani and that feeling you get when you just drink it at one go is incredible. (Umm.. Excuse me, my mouth just watered!)

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12. Sukhi Poori ka Pyaar
Oh, my Sukhi Poori ! I love you more than anything in the world. Eating sukhi puri completes the process of eating Pani Puri!  Not eating sukhi poori is like not submitting your answer sheet in an exam after giving all correct answers. You see, it is important !

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13. Hum sabki pyari, dulari Paani Puri
Relationship advise! If your girl is upset, sometimes an expensive restaurant or pub will not come to your rescue but a Paani Puri stall will surely make you get your girl back. We might not say it often but it is one of things girls love the most in this world.

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14. Go eat !

We are sure you now are not that patient to read on because you wan tot run to the nearest Paani Puri stall. We say – Go eat it. you will feel so much better!

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Tell us what excuse you use every time to eat Paani Puri!