This Doordarshan anchor will make you laugh your heart out!

DD National News anchor goes to the 45th International Film Festival Of India, Goa to create a joke of herself.

This video confirms that the anchor along with her camera man went to the big event just to kill time and may be to have fun at the many beaches in Goa.

The video begins with the anchor introducing the event and then suddenly turning towards someone to ask, ‘Hello Sir, App Kaise Hai?” without even introducing the man to us.

hello sir kaise hai
“Hello sir! Aap kaise hai?”


Soon after this famous personality says, “Mein acha hun”, the camera takes us to the next scene where the anchor in-confidently says, “Abhi humney inse baat kari”  and blabbers random stuff about IFFI.

Abhi, humne inse baat ki!
“Abhi, humne inse baat ki!”


In the entire video the anchor is doing a poor yet funny job at interviewing people and even educating the audience whom she thinks is unaware of the fact that she went completely unprepared to the event. This is not the first incident Doordarshan, 2 months earlier a Doordarshan News reader was sacked for her poor pronunciation as she pronounced the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping as “Eleven Jinping”, mistaking “Xi” for the Roman numeral “XI.”

Here are some of the silly things she said holding the mic at this big event-

“Muje IFFI ka concept bohat acha laga kyunki poori duniya mein hum friendship banaye rakhtey hai, aur corporation seekhtey hai!” (Our Favourite)

puri duniya mein friendship


“I mean, I feel obliged to be a part of it. like I dunno much about films and stuffs.  I get to know.”

I feel oblidged


“Goa is a place where you come to unwind yourself. OK, we have governor of India here with you may be he would like to share something with you may be his views”

people come here to unwind ok Governor is here


“Main bhi yahaan aake bohat khush feel kar rahi hun kyunki ye jo jagah hai isme muje kitni saari cheezey pata chali hai”

the moment he is


“The moment he is in front of you, aap enlightened hona shuru ho jatey ho, My knoweherr is somehtign I carry with me everywhere I go.”

iske mandir


“Iske mandir which are very much more famous”

iske mandir

Watch the video here. :)