Drama queen of tinsel town, Rakhi Sawant responds to her meanest tweets the meanest way

If one has to name one Bollywood character who has a tendency to do outrageous things and make bold yet stupid statements, one can never miss out on mentioning Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant has literally bajaoed many popular personalities including Sunny Leone whom she hates being compared to and it is time she gets bajaoed now.

fame bollywood invited Rakhi Sawant to read out some of the meanest things her fans and haters tweeted about her.

comparing bhelpuri to pasta


Even Rahul Yadav, CEO & Founder, Housing is compared to Rakhi Sawant. Of course, she would not know who Rahul Yadav is.

who is rahul yadav


Modi’s cleanliness drive will be a no success without Rakhi Sawant.

cleanliness drive