Lalit Modi rapping about his extravagant life is one thing you should totally watch today

We have all known Lalit Modi as the first Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier League, who ran the tournament for three years until 2010. We have also known him to be involved in multiple corruption scams for crores of rupees.

Lately, he has been showing his IDGAF side on his Instagram account wherein he shares pictures of him hanging out with international models. In short, he has an insanely crazy life unlike us lesser paid workers! You might want to go check his Instagram feed in case you want to see the pictures for yourself.

BeingIndian shared The LaMo Song feat. Sharukh Emiway which shows the crazy life of Lalit Modi. Here are some glimpses of the video –







Are you jealous? There’s more. Check out the video here to know-