Believe it or not, this 9-year-old rag-picker can caw and summon crows!

During the 16–lunar days of Pitru Paksha, all families cook a grand meal for their ancestors and pay homage to them. Death rites are performed and crows are fed food on one of the days as they are believed to be the messengers of Yama (God of Death). In Bareilly, many Hindus approach a 9-year-old rag-picker named Deepu, who is also known around as crow-boy to summon the crows, reported HT.

“I can call them any time, they are my best friends.”

Deepu lives in a cremation ground in Bareilly, 255 kilometres from Lucknow. He is often busy during the fortnight of Pitru Paksha for he calls the crows for the families who come to the ground to perform the most important ritual of feeding the crows. Deepu does not charge anything for this service. 

“People often call me just to bring crows to the ground while offering rituals on the banks of the river Ramganga.”

Deepu became friends with the crows when one day he saw a flock of crows feeding on the waste and he decided to sit down & observe their behaviours and habits. “I closely noticed their activities and soon started spending hours observing them.” After listening to them daily, he tried to imitate them and was surprised to find them respond to his caws. He practiced for a month and perfected his cawing. This started his friendship with the crows. 

Deepu’s father had died 3 years ago of tuberculosis. Being the only male in his small family of three, he started supporting his family by picking rags. Deepu has decided on practicing to imitate other birds with whatever time he has with him during his busy days. 

News Source: Hindustan Times