15 cartoon comics that tell the story of every cat owner

If you own a cat and you love it, you are still a tad unsure about its feelings for you. Does my cat’s rubbing herself against my leg mean it loves me or that I am its territory now? A cat never gives out its feelings clearly. Cat logic is something a human has always failed to understand. Dogs are cute and predictable, but nothing can be said about cats. Here are 15 hilarious cat comics that will explain the life of every person who loves a cat and shares his house with one.



the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-sniff lick biteSource

2. Don’t know if you can always be made at your kitty. 

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-happy jarSource

3. Cat loves to do things with you. 

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-with a catSource

4. Every cat lover EVER!


5. Every kitty EVER!the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-blurghSource

6. Cat will play when it wants to. 

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-play with meSource

7. Now you know why!the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-bitchSource

8. Cats hardly love you back.the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-attentionSource

9. The real reason why your friends call you lazy.

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-do it laterSource

10. Launch pad to the dresser!

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-map of the bedSource

11. Cats are proud of their kills.

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-beautifl daySource

12. Must sit!

the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-must sitSource

13. Every cat owner in the world. the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-kitty in bedSource

14. Meow?


15. Cat’s owner vs a dog’s owner.the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-cat and humanSource

Which cartoon comic tells your  story?