PIA decided to switch off the ACs to preserve fuel, what happened next was a total chaos

The state of Pakistan’s national airlines, Pakistan International Airlines is deplorable! Yesterday, a Facebook user named, Tarek Fatah shared a video made at a recent flight between Lahore and Karachi that shows nothing but a whole crowd of angry and frustrated passengers.

The staff on the flight had decided to switch off all the air conditioners in the flight right after 30 minutes of passengers taking their respective seats. Due to the absence of air and a lot of heat in the flight, many passengers started to fall sick that included a ‘burka’ clad woman panting and trying hard to breathe in the heat but not taking off her “Saudi-style” ‘burka’. The woman was later on taken towards the staff area with her companions to provide for her medical aid.

When an angry passenger inquired if the AC was working in the pilot’s cabin, a male flight attendant asked the passenger to directly talk to his senior who was dealing with the “sick woman who just fainted”. The passenger was worried about people in the flight who had asthma or sinus and infants on the flight.

The video also shows angry passengers losing their calm and abusing and shouting cuss words at the flight staff.

An angry woman even shouted, “Ye sab news mein de dengey toh airline ki aise badnaami hogi!” while a man said, “Iss jahaj ko aag laga dunga!” The same passenger even accused a staff member for lying to him.

Watch the entire event here.

Pakistanis and their airline PIA (Please Invoke Allah)This is the State of Pakistan as well as the Pakistan State. On a recent flight between Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan’s national airline PIA, the airplane’s air-conditioning was shut off by the crew to preserve jet fuel. The result is evident in this video shot by a passenger on this flight.What is striking is that despite the heat and lack of air, the women in a black all encompassing Saudi-style burka who cannot breathe, dare not take that stufling scaffolding off her self so she may get relief. The language is Urdu with some scattering of English.

Posted by Tarek Fatah on Saturday, August 8, 2015


Such is the situation of the national airline of Pakistan!