Indian photographer taken on a trip to shoot ‘only’ dogs; the pictures are the most happiest!

Explorer and photographer Vipura Parikh who made the most romantically beautiful video named, Wish you were here for his girlfriend during his trip to Bhutan is back with another gorgeous and feel good video.

This young Indian photographer was given the best assignment ever! It included shooting cute, fluffy dogs amid the gorgeous hills and lakes in Uttarakhand.

In June, joined hands with the photographer. They took him along to travel to the Himalayan foothill to take pictures of the most wonderful four-legged beings that accompanied them on the trip. A 5-month-old Golden Retriever named, Kiki also joined the gang. The pictures that Vipurva took during this happy trip-cum-assignment show nothing but pure happiness that can felt and seen with in the eyes of the gorgeous dogs who had a gala time in the hills.

Here are some of his lively and fresh pictures of dogs exploring the hills and the traveler side of themselves.

Vipurva Parikh shooting labrador

Vipurva Parikh shooting labrador car

Vipurva Parikh shooting dogs in the park

travel dog


labrador swimming


dog walking in the lawn

dogs and master


happy dog

holding chihahua

dog swimming

dog rolling on the ground

dog on the shoulders

dog kissing

dog and the master

dog and shoes

You can also checkout the awesome video that Vipurva shared on his YouTube channel.