People are doing random acts of kindness and it is all just for a game

If someone buys you a cup of coffee without asking for anything in return or asking you to take selfie with them, they are surely playing games with you.SneakyCardProductShot-

Sneaky cards: Play It Forward!- is a card game that takes you out of your comfort zone. Your boring, monotonous life becomes a little adventurous as you spread happiness and joy, even interact with total strangers and do nice things for people. 

sneaky cardsGive the card to the first person who made you smile, tip extra to the person who gave you a great service. 


Get a little creative!


Or give someone a card without them even knowing it!

 Sneaky cards asks you to be a little sneaky!

sneaky cards cover

The best thing you could do is get your sneaky card registered on their website and track it down to see where all it has reached. That is so cool! You can even see if they registered your card or not. Killer game, isn’t it?


This amazing game came into existence by game developer Cody Borst. The game is originally based on a winning concept in 2009 by then-16-year-old Harry Lee

The game is a really cool game which brings something new and adventurous to our daily lives. How much do you like the concept of Sneaky Cards?


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