12 images that show double standards that exist in the society

Women can be singing the song of equal rights for women on the streets but do they really want to be treated equally? These 12 comic images represent the shallow double standards that prevail in our societies.

1. Men will always be pigs for most women in the society no matter how much they embrace change and newness. 

double standardsSource

2. About size and body weight!

fat acceptanceSource

3. Why can’t men use the smiley emoticons!


4. Beauty is all about make up!make upSource

5. All victims are innocent!

innocent victimsSource

6. Why would you call three men chasing you rapists and their act as an attempt for gang-rape!

socially acceptableSource

7. Our kids are confused!


8. Something’s wrong with that analogy!

slut and machoSource

9. WTF!

we weSource

10. A picture of a girl eating banana will have more views than anything else. 

girl eating bananaSource

11. Whaat!



12. What is the problem!

man vs womanSource

And finally!

This kid has the best advice for all the women.This kid has the best advice for all the women.

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