Bihar MP Pappu Yadav misbehaves with an airhostess; says, “I’ll hit you with a chappal”

Rajesh Ranjan, aka Pappu Yadav, the Bihar MP has managed to land himself in a messy controversy. He has been allegedly accused of misbehaving with an airhostess and the crew onboard Patna-Delhi Jet Airways flight on Tuesday. The Times of India reported that the tense situation had forced the captain to seek priority landing in the capital and ask for security presence at the arrival gate.

When a senior airhostess tried to enforce mandatory safety rules, Pappu threatened to beat her with his ‘chappal’.

Yadav’s ire was directed at a senior airhostess who tried to enforce mandatory safety rules, and the lawmaker reportedly threatened to beat her with his ‘chappal’. She has made a complaint in writing which was certified as “true and authentic” by the captain. “This is shameful and if a VIP manhandles our crew and gets away free of any charge,” the captain’s note says.

However, Pappu Yadav has denied of this incident. He said, Complaint thane mein kyon nahin ki? Hamara koi matter nahin hai. The crew had an issue with four other business class passengers. Un chaaron se baat kariye aap.”

He was the last person to enter the plane. Not only that, when he and his assistant were asked to put their seats in upright position and switch off the cell phones, they refused even though they were repeatedly told to do so.

The written  complaint by the airhostess reads, “while having lunch on the flight, 1A (Pappu’s seat number) dropped the dessert on his bag kept near his feet and asked the crew to clean it. (He) told the crew MPs don’t do this work. 1A took off his chappal and showed it (to) the crew. Told the crew he would hit them with it if the crew told him anything. For landing, 1A refused to upright his seat and unfastened his seat belt… After opening doors, 1A manhandled me and pushed me aside with force to get out of the aircraft…. I went to the cockpit to inform the captain. I was in tears and physically hurt. The captain immediately came out of the cockpit and instructed passengers to return to their seats as Mr Rajesh Ranjan was shouting on top of his voice — ‘I’m an MP and you can’t do anything to me’.”

Captain Sehgal alerted Delhi air traffic control that an unruly passenger was on board and sought “immediate vector” — in simple language asked to be put ahead of other planes lined up for landing in Delhi. Security personnel were present at the arrival gate when the plane landed.

The Captain had asked security personnel to take Yadav away from the plane so that other flyers could reach their destination. The Jet Airways spokesman confirmed this and said, “The Captain of flight 9W 728, before landing at Delhi requested ATC for security assistance at the gate due to a disruptive guest on board. The guest was led by security agencies on arrival.”

No action might be taken against disruptive flyers of this flight as the crew did not file a police complaint till the time of going to press. The crew wants Jet Airways, with whom they have lodged their complaint, to take further action. Jet sources have said the crew has to file a complaint and the airline will back them up. Though time will tell if or not the crew files a complaint, considering the influential position of Pappu Yadav.

The news information is sourced from The Times of India

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