Lady GAGA singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ at the Open Ceremony of the European Games is enchanting

There is no doubt that Lady GAGA is one of the most talented American singers. Her iconic medley performance of the songs from The Sound Of Music at the Oscar has been one of our favourite performances by her and now we have a new favourite.

lady gaga 'Imagine'

Lady GAGA covered John Lennon’sImagine‘ at the opening ceremony of European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan on Friday, June the 12th. And her performance was unquestionably fantastic.

lady gaga 'Imagine' side shot

Dressed in a fine flowing gown, Lady GAGA performed only to the melody of beautiful piano decked in flowers.

lady gaga singing 'Imagine'

Her emotional performance was received with much love and happiness by the people of Baku.

lady gaga singing 'Imagine' performance

Watch Lady GAGA do justice to one of our favourite tracks by John Lennon.