Seduced by a Pakistani woman spy, Indian army man leaks sensitive data

India, a nation prone to Pakistani terrorist group attacks has developed 0% resistant quality – a nation which has been always drilled out for baseless religious sentiments by terrorist groups located in Pakistan with their government support. In India, due to Pakistani government support, it has today resulted in a shameful day. Yes, with government support I would say.

How is that possible, a Pakistan spy is able to lure Indian soldier of money and sex? Is the salary provided by Indian government to army inadequate? Was the training provided to Indian army is so porous that an enemy is able to spill out important information causing a black spot on world’s 3rd largest army? The soldier who was trained in Indian troops is so weak to fall into a woman’s trap? My question is very simple, if Patan Kumar Poddar, an Indian Army Naib Subedar was under the surveillance of the Intelligence Bureau, Counter Intelligence Cell, Military Intelligence and the Multi Agency Centre (MAC) for the past seven months, how he was able to share Indian army movements with a strange girl without demanding a question to woman spy about her interest to know so deep about Indian army actions?

Patan Kumar


If the soldier was trained well and nationality was filled in him to core, then he should be hanged to death along with the Pakistani woman spy for playing with the sovereignty of India. Well, this is not the first time India has embraced Pakistan’s repeated mistakes and takes on India. In the year 2013, Pakistan has violated cease fire 120 times. The neighbor has accepted their presence in many terrorists’ attacks on India but the retaliation has always been a verbal warning from India. According to the New US report of 01, May 2014, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) says that about 400 people were killed as a result of terrorist attacks in India in 2013 and number was double in the previous years.

Are Indians secured in the world’s largest democracy, the nation which is proud of its 3rd largest army? Don’t we, as young Indians, ask our new government for the strong retaliation? The violated cease fire cases by Pakistan in 2014 are 54 times out of which 19 times happened after the new government came into the power. Are Indians not supposed to feel secured in India? If yes, then government should talk more apart from the India-Pakistan Peace treaty as that has not yielded anything.

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