15 reasons which make Gujarati girls the best ones to date!

Guys around the world have one formidable question which needs to be answered ASAP. Where to find an ideal girl worth dating? Or more simplified, what kind of a girl would be the best one to date, who would complement the typical traits of us guys?

Well, ReshareIt is here to sort you out. We bring to you a list of such characteristics that would make you drool and fall for the first Gujarati girl you come across; we promise!

1. Best cooks ever

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his mouth. If anyone is totally nailing this, they’re the Gujarati girls. You name it and they’ll make it. We don’t even want to start listing those Gujarati delicacies here. So guys, if you’re willing to date a Gujarati girl, one thing is for sure – you’ll never run out of mouth watering, saliva dripping food ever.

Gujarati ThaliSource

2. Big time foodies

Not only do they cook well, they eat well too! You will hardly find a Gujarati girl who diets. To cut a long story short, they’ll always be ready for that extra piece of cake.

Foodie girl


3. Garba fanatics

One of the most adorable facts of a Gujarati girl is her impeccable talent of doing Garba. So much is their craze for it; they can do Garba irrespective of any song, location or time. They’ll just do it. Wake a Gujarati girl at 3 in the morning, ask her to join you for a Garba and get amazed by her reaction!

Gujarati GarbaSource

4. Best bargainers and entrepreneurs

Gujarati girls will prove to be a boon for your pockets. They’re bargainers at hearts. No, they’ll never buy a 2 rupee hair band without bargaining. They’re also great entrepreneurs. Worry not, your Gujarati girl will never make you spend a lot on her.
Gujarati MarketSource

5. The prettiest ones

Most of them Gujarati girls are blessed with great looks. Fair, dusky or dark – be it any complexion, they pull it off like a boss. You know what’s the cherry on the cake here? They’ll never be arrogant about it.
Beautiful Gujarati GirlsSource

6. Always high on energy

Be it 4 in the morning or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, your Gujarati girl’s energy level will always be on its peak. You can never, ever find a Gujarati girl low on energy.
Gujarati GarbaSource

7. Fashionista by birth

From designing their own cholis to giving your wardrobe a complete makeover, any Gujarati girl is a born fashion designer. They have got a great taste about fashion.
Gujarati DivaSource

8. Witty and ambitious

They’ll always come up with something witty to your remarks. Also, they’re ambitious as hell.

Kareena Kapoor

9. Courageous and independent

They’re so courageous that you can probably hide behind her back while she bashes someone out when you land up in an argument. Also, most of the Gujarati girls are ferociously independent. They have a knack of being something great on their own.


10.  Cleanliness freaks

They’re fanatic about cleanliness. You no longer have to worry about that one month dirty sock lying in some random corner of your room because she cannot breathe in a dirty room. Sure, your mom will love her exactly because of this.



11. Sweet tongued, always

We all know that every ‘Gujarati dish is sweet’ is a myth, right? So yes, contrary to this belief, every Gujarati dish is not sweet, but we assure you that every Gujarati girl is a sweet spoken lady. They’ll always have sweet things to say.

Sweet GujaratiSource

12. Biggest theists ever

They have some special connection with gods, it seems. You have the most important interview of your life or your dad just caught you stealing his car, whatever might be your problem, your girl will strike a deal with her God and fix your problem just like that. Sheer coincidence it might be, but she’ll surely think it was her God!

Deepika Padukone


13. Daddies’ princesses and daddies are rich!

Seriously, who doesn’t know that Gujaratis are the best businessmen on earth? If you manage to find a Gujarati girl, she sure is to have great ancestral properties and what’s more, a Gujarati dad can go to any height to see her daughter smile! So you get a jackpot if you find one!

Manav Gohil with daughter


14.Green card holders, most of them

If your dream is to get settled abroad, get married to a Gujarati girl. Gujaratis are spread all over the world! And most of them would be the citizens of the respective countries.



15. Lavish Gujarati weddings
And finally, if all works well and you end up marrying your Gujarati girl, rest assured, your wedding is going to be the most lavish wedding among all your friends. The reason being, Gujaratis earn a lot just to spend it all in their weddings!

Gujarati WeddingSource 

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