Delhi girls abused and insulted these two illiterate men for not following the ‘rules’; later broke the rules themselves

There are a few seats reserved for the ladies in every Delhi metro compartment, excluding the entire compartment reserved for them. These reservations are made to support women. When a man is found siting on a women’s seat he is quickly reminded to vacant it because it is “reserved for the ladies” and that’s the rule. However, some women take undue advantage of the reserve and think that they could talk to any man like dirt.

D For Delhi shared an incident that occurred when one of guy traveling in Delhi metro came across women who took advantage of the rights given to them. Here’s the entire episode:

If you are a woman aren’t you supposed to follow the rules meant for everyone?

That’s one question which I would ask with this post.

The two females in this post were eating their packed junk food. It’s prohibited to eat food in Delhi metro. But yes, these small rules can be overlooked at times.

But not in this case. Five minutes before they started eating their packed meals, this seat was occupied by two labourers who were returning from their everyday work.

The tone in which these two females shouted and abused these two guys to get up from the women’s reserved seat was highly insulting as everyone around the place noticed it.

These poor fellows got up without saying a word and the ladies sat down for a comfortable gossip and the shopping that they did today, took out their McDonald’s meal and started eating when a young guy pointed them that “eating is prohibited in Delhi metro”, their reaction to that guy’s remark was “mind your own business and don’t tell us the rules”. The guy was very descent in making these girls notice the rules and was highly mannerful when he did that, but their reaction made one more guy, which was me to say the same, that “if you could make two guys sit up saying its a rule, you must then follow the rules by not even eating here.”

And again, their reply was “nobody should tell us what to do” to which a man who was with his family said the same, “Beta, they are saying the right thing, if you can make people get up because of a rule, you should also not eat and follow the other rules.”

There were murmurs around in support and then, I clicked a picture of them to which their reaction was “how dare you click a picture, it’s illegal and I will get you into police custody.” To which I replied, “I will accompany you to the police if you want.”

Be it a male or a female what is wrong stands wrong for everyone.

Follow the rules & Stay happy !! Cheers !

What do you have to say about this incident that D for Delhi shared twice to bring to everyone’s notice that rules for both men and women should be same? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you are a woman aren’t you supposed to follow the rules meant for everyone?That’s one question which I would ask…

Posted by D for Delhi on Monday, August 10, 2015