#ObamaInAgra – 600 workers giving the streets a make over for Rs. 300

Thanks to Obama Agra turns into a clean city. OK, a part of it. The Obamas will be seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra and the preparations for it are already on with much buzz, excitement and dedication. With 600 workers assigned to scrub the street leading to the Taj Complex for mere wage of INR 300 per day, the city is a taking a clean turn for a change. “If everything is clean then he will be impressed.”, said one of the workers named, Ramjeet.”It’s hard on the knees and back.”  he also shared with the leading news portals, Deccan Chronicles.

scruffing the street

Besides clean street, the authorities have realized some of their other duties that they have been neglecting and are working on many things- getting stray animals from the streets to the farms, cleaning the Taj with the help of dozens of women, workder working on cleaning up Yanuma dexterously, getting rid of pan stains off from the monument and the area around it are some of the things. “There are a lot of spit stains and such that need to be washed away. The streets need to be spick and span,” said India’s former chief achaeologist KK Mohammed.

cleaning taj fountains

Tourists entry will be banned during the visit and even the locals with shops around the Ta alley have been asked to stay in-doors. To this they commented-

“You can’t go outside, you can’t go onto the roof, you can’t go outside to the bathroom — it’s like a curfew,”

“We should be open for business and Obama should be allowed to come and sample my world-famous petha,”

What do you think about these preparations running for the welcome of the US President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama? Shouldn’t all the things about keeping hygiene be a part of our daily routine?

News Sourced from DeccanChronicles