15 things that tell your mother is your best friend

We have seen enough of “I believe in love at first sight, I fell in love the moment I saw my mother for the first time.” But hey, over the years, this seems to be so true!

For many, their mothers are their best friends. Their caring nature, their beautiful smile, their pride in you and the dreams that they have you – everything makes it so easy for them to be our best friends, isn’t it?

Following are the definite things which tell that your mom is indeed your best friend!

1. From your first crush to your present relationship, she is the first one to know about it.
Because you know, your secret is best kept with her.


2. Whenever you need extra money, you approach her.
Not your dad!

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3. When you miserably failed your exam, after giving you a nice thrashing, she was there to motivate you to work hard.
She is a constant source of inspiration for you.

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4. When at late nights you have a craving for ice cream, your mom is your partner to share it!
Because she knows your favorite ice cream!

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5. You have ditched movie plans with your friends to save the movie date for her.
Because you know that it is her favorite actor’s movie.

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6. It is hard for you to imagine staying at a relative’s place without your mom being there.
When she is around, you can stay, like a boss!

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7. When your mother is upset, you know what to cook to lift her mood.
And even if the dish is burnt, she’ll readily eat it.

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8. You don’t need to sneak out of your house at late nights.
You can always tell your mom about your plans.


9. What’s more, she’s friends with even with your friends.
And they can’t help but love her!

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10. She’s always there for you, but when you’re on a wrong path, she’ll be the first one to correct you.
She’s your friend, philosopher and guide.

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11. Your WhatsApp conversations are full of forwarded messages from her.
When she finds something funny, she has to share it with you.

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12. She’ll never compare you with other kids. When required, she’ll let you know things subtly.
That’s how cool she is, yo!

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13. If something is bothering you, she’ll take seconds to figure out from your face.
You simply cannot hide anything from her.

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14. When you take your dad’s car without informing him, she’ll be the one to save your ass.
Later on, she will have her own ways of getting back at you.

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15. Lastly, no matter what, you know that both of you will always have each others’ back, she could me miles away from you, but there is absolutely nothing in the world that break the beautiful bond you share.
And you cannot thank God enough for the wonderful friend that your mom is!

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If your mother too is your best friend, share this article with her and your other friends whose mothers are their best friends!

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