5 satirical posters to beat the idea of a “perfect Indian woman”

Mumbai based artist, Kanika Kaul has tried to give meaning to her thoughts over the failing ideas for women to become a “perfect Indian woman”. Her satirical posters take on the biased notions against women which have been feeding on our minds since donkey’s year. The posters list out the set rules and manners for women to conduct and behave themselves to be that  “perfect Indian woman” who-

1. Brings bags of dowry when gets married. 

obtain lots of dowry

2. Doesn’t step out of her house, nor enjoys working or living her god damn life. 

stay at home

3. Doesn’t adopt western culture.

say no to jeans

4. Doesn’t fight for herself. 

embrace violence

5. Doesn’t speak her mind. 

be inert

What do you think about these posters? Do they ring a bell?

All images sourced from Kanika Kaul’s behance profile.