5 things you must know about the FDA approved drug Flibanserin (the female Viagra)

Female Viagra Flibanserin has been approved by the US FDA and it is designed to increase women’s sexual desire.  The FDA panel voted 18-6 in favor of approving the pill. The condition would be that the manufacturer makes a plan to limit its safety risks.

Here are the important facts about Flibanserin  that you must be aware of:

1. Flibanserin, is obviously designed to help boost a woman’s psychological desire for sex. For doing so, it is taken daily. Over time it can affect the levels of certain chemicals in the brain.


2. It targets 2 neurotransmitters in the brain to help inspire sexual desire – dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers and it could help drive up our interest in sex. Norepinephrine affects parts of the brain that control our attention and our response to things in our environment and could help direct our attention to a sexual partner.


3. It comes with side effects, just like every other drug. They include fainting and drowsiness, especially if taken with alcohol. Not only that, low blood pressure, nausea and dizziness can also be caused by Flibanserin.


4. Flibanserin is meant for women whose lack of sexual desire is not attributable to other causes such as disease or relationship troubles, and that certain steps are taken to limit the risks of the drug.


5. Flibanserin, the pink pill can be taken once a day at bedtime and it would be approved for premenopausal women suffering a lack of sexual desire that causes them distress. About 7 percent of premenopausal women have this condition, called hypoactive sexual desire disorder.



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