Harayana mob ties this Muslim cow trader to a pole and asks him to say “Jai Shree Ram”

After Modi’s government had exercised beef-ban in the state, the Hindu mob in Harayana has too started to follow the ban. May be, because the state is controlled by BJP too. Whereas majority of the people are angry over the beef-ban law, a few of the Hindu population is not only rejoicing, and celebrating that the ‘holy cow’ is safe but also attacking people who trade them.

In this shocking video, a group of Hindu men have tied a Muslim cow trader to an electric pole. The Muslim trader deals in cows for his ‘Hindu’ employer. The mad Hindu mob is not only thrashing, inquiring and slapping the Muslim trader but also asking him to say  “Jai Shri Rama”.

Please share this, look at how these Hindu terrorist are torching the Muslims to become Hindu. This is wrong, they should be put in jail.

Posted by Tehlka on Wednesday, March 25, 2015