Netflix now has more than 200 million subscribers globally

Netflix, one of the leading media streaming platform, has confirmed that the company now has more than 200 million subscribers globally, reporting 203.66 million paying customers.

Shedding light on the popularity of its content, the company revealed that Netflix Original TV shows accounted for nine out of the top then most searched series of 2020 on Google.


As for the content consumption, the company notes that the Fresh heist series Lupin should have 70 million views by the end of the first 28 days. It also reveals that The Crown has been wanted by more than 100 million users since its launch. It also noted some hit offerings from the company, including Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit.

While the streaming space has been getting crowded for the past few years, now Netflix faces really tough competition from the likes of Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock, mainly because these are the companies that also produce content.

However, to combat this, Netflix says it has more than 500 titles in the post-production stage and is preparing to launch them on the platform. The company has raised billion in bonds to produce new content and it added that there’s no longer a need to raise external funding for operations.