India’s First: Mumbai women police receives motorbike squad to beat crime

Mythologies have it, whenever a male God has failed to subdue the demons, goddesses have come to rescue the world. Therefore, when men became incompetent in providing safety and security to their counterparts, it was high time women start taking matters in to their own hands; that’s what Mumbai police has done – India’s first motorbike squad of women cops. With 200 women marshals taking this responsibility, which will be a swift aid as it is already in sync with the existing women helpline number of Mumbai police department.

With India entering into its 68th year of independence, a step like this will give a boost to the women independence as well.

Women empowerment is something we always scream about but to actually see it happen is a different feeling on it own. Check out this video, as these young women take the escalators in there own hands and drive for a safer world for their kind.

Nope, she is no Pamela Anderson on a Harley Davidson, she is a woman taking charge to save others. Don’t you want to ReshareIt ,as she takes this bold step to protect YOUR mom and sister?