Bizzare: Mother feeds tapeworm eggs to her daughter

People can reach any level to get the shadow of power, fame and money. This is proved by a mother from Florida, US who fed her daughter tape worm eggs to make her look skinny in the beauty pageant that her daughter had participated in.

Due to agonizing stomach pain the girl was admitted to a hospital. From the symptoms, nurses thought that she was pregnant but the Ultrasound proved her wrong. The girl’s intestines were swollen but she couldn’t find the reason behind the severe pain. The tapeworms were only visible when an attendant nurse accompanied the girl when she wanted to pee.  

The nurse reported the TV programme ‘Untold Stories of the ER’ that she pooped only tapeworms and few were so long that they were wiggling to come out of the toilet bowl. The truth about tapeworm source only got revealed when the girls’ mother felt sorry for what she did to her daughter. She said that she just wanted her daughter to looker skinnier and that she needed some help before the beauty pageant. 


The story came to light when ‘Untold Stories of the ER’ aired on Discovery’s ‘Fit & Health’ channel, as reported by United Press International. It was found that her mother bought tapeworm eggs from Mexcio and made her daughter eat them.

Be alarmed ladies on what you are fed by your dietitian and near ones, who are swept away by the dream to see you in a size ‘0’ figure. On that note, it beats me how certain people are so crazy behind getting a perfect figure? What will it take to understand that beauty is never about external appearance!

Stay safe, and keep a check on what you eat. Spread the word!

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