Mr. Dhoni smacked on his rear for teasing girls in Madhya Pradesh

What do you think about heavy smacking on the bum in public as a punishment for harassing women?

Police sub-inspector, Monica Singh decided to teach 23 year-old Virat Dhoni a lesson for harassing school girls with cat calling and wolf whistling in Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh. The harasser was smacked and insulted in public by the girls who reported that the boy was harassing them on the streets.

Bum Rap - Sex Pest Thrashed by Victims

Though Mr Dhoni complained he should have been taken to the court instead of being insulted in public, the court said, ‘He had tormented his victims in public with his whistling and cat calls, and he was punished in public. It was very fitting.’

What do you think? :)

Bum Rap - Sex Pest Thrashed by Victims

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