What happens when you put a girl in front of a boy and ask him to slap her! Moving video

When children were made to react towards violence against women, the kids had some of the best things to say. A lot many women are subject to violence in their lives. This video becomes a message for those who raise their hands on women and those who thought of hitting women for no reasons.

It all began with a few questions.

How old are you?

A girl was introduced to them. They were all asked to share what they liked about this pretty girl. 

The boys were asked to caress the girl. They happily did! 

Slap the girl. Give her a tight slap! (shouted the man)

When the boys were asked to hit the girls, they went really firm with what they had to do. 

Why not?

And the response that move everyone!

Watch this amazing video here-

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