Detergent found in Mother Dairy samples; un-saddened by the controversy, Twitterati went mad with jokes

UP Food and Drug Administration is up to no good.

The obviously sleeping through the years officials of UP Food and Drug Administration have surprisingly woken up from a decade long slumber & are no doubt, showing off that they are doing “some work” which includes, targeting brands that have been around since donkey’s years, giving food controversies a rise, staying in the limelight, creating an image of strict officials and earning under the table moolah from businesses. After finding lead and higher amounts of MSG in Maggi, the official of FSDA have now tested Mother Dairy’s milk samples. The results have found detergent in those milk samples.

“Results showed that the samples were sub-standard and one of the two contained detergent,” UP FDA official in Agra, Ram Naresh Yadav, told PTI.

Mother Dairy has of course, denied these charges.

To much surprise, this news has not shocked anybody. Thanks to the Maggi controversy!  Moreover, twitterati is going berserk in sharing funny tweets, memes and pictures about the whole “finding detergent in Mother Dairy’s milk pouches”. Take a look.

1. Washing down a few drops of Mother Dairy milk can clean your language!


2. Mother Dairy milk is multi-purpose!


3. You must keep a check on your domestic help now.


4. Sunny Leone had an actual bath in the movie. Here’s how!


5. Nirma is an honest brand.


6. Consuming food and dairy has a different purpose now.


7. Brands need to be pro-active now!


8. Sorry Shaktimaan!


9. Mmm! Frothy matlab tastyyyy…


10. Being clumsy has now no price to pay !


11. Waah, India!


12.  Shopkeeper, shopkeeper!


13. Finding the secret truth!


14. What is U.P. up to?


15. ‘Doodho Nahao’


16. Milk has multipurpose properties, we told you.


17. Mother bahut Dairy hui hai!


18. A SwachBharat movement


19. 3 steps to prepare a healthy meal!


20. What’s the scene!


What do you have to say about the Mother Dairy controversy?