Meet 21-year-old Mollie Bylett who gets paid to travel all over the world

I am pretty sure most of the youngsters’ dream job possibly involves traveling. We often come across articles of people who left their jobs to pursue their dream of traveling the world. But have you ever thought of a possibility of a job that involves traveling and getting paid for the same?

Mollie Bylett, a London based blogger has one such job that can make you jealous AF. She began blogging her travels to keep her family and friends updated while visiting South East Asia. From then on, she began documenting all of her travels the same way.

It wasn’t long before she was contacted by various brands like GoPro and fashion company New Look. These were the brands which offered up adventurous trips to some of the world’s most popular travel destinations with all expenses paid. Because of this, she could visit places like New Zealand, Greece, Amsterdam, Portugal and more. She said,

My blog began purely to document my adventures for friends and family – I had no idea you could earn from it I’ve just always loved keeping memories.

She’s doing two things that she absolutely loves – traveling and blogging. You should check out her pictures for figuring out what you are missing out in your life!

Ready to explore! Let’s goooo! ???

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D a y d r e a m i n g ↠ Just give me a camera, some sunshine and a new city to explore. ?

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She’s totally living a life worth being jealous!What do you think? For more of her pictures, go follow her on Instagram!