Hangover- a pain in the life of every alcohol lover! Watch what Mumbai has to say about it

The party starts when after everyone gets a bit drunk. A party without booze and some after-drinking-booze drama is incomplete. You drink to get drunk. The only trouble is what happens the next day. “God, please, no hangover, tomorrow!” BeingIndian, a popular YouTube channel decided to talk to Mumbai about being hungover and everybody got a little emotional with it.

Mumbai On Hangovers bang head on the wallSome even shared beautiful memories! :P

Mumbai On Hangovers

Some went really crazy.

Mumbai On Hangovers crazy head

Sahil Khattar went ahead and asked what happens after people head to work or carry on with their lives hungovered.

Mumbai On Hangovers dirty looks

What are some popular remedies to avoid hangover?

Mumbai On Hangovers - dont betReally?:/

Tell us seriously. 

Mumbai On Hangovers - remediesWhat else?

Mumbai On Hangovers - bottle of water


Watch this hilarious video.

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