Artist creates gorgeous one continuous line tattoos that will leave you amazed

Mo Ganji is a popular Berlin-based artist who specializes in black and white tattoos. He is half German and half Iranian and he loves simple things in life. His “goal is to create simple images with a strong impact.” He thinks art needs to be creative, and simple. He believes that it is easy for an artist to “add more” to his work than to work with a few simple basic tools. His thoughts about art and life can be easily spotted on his recent tattoo works.

mo ganjiSource

His one continuous line tattoos speak a lot about him and what he thinks of this world. 

1. one-line-tattoo-mo-ganji-mammoth

“My (former) career was based on values I don’t believe in. A lot of people are in a similar situation, but nowadays … they’d rather live a “safe” life with a “safe” income and they are willing to sell their beliefs and their freedom for it…Painting, drawing and Tattooing gives me inner peace, because it feels natural to me.”

2. one-line-tattoo-mo-fox

“I need that peace, because it feels like the older I get, the sicker I get of the world around me.”

3. one line tattoo tree

Moving the cursor along the line to understand how he made that neat tattoo?

5. one-line-tattoo-mo-cherry

Mo Ganji is truly a talented and disciplined artist. face

Isn’t this mind-blowing?

Mo Ganji worked as a manager in the high-volume fashion industry for global companies before he became a tattoo artist. 


He has traveled a lot, and has seen where the clothing comes from.


9. one-line-tattoo-mo-mountain


“It took some years to realize what we are doing to those people on the other side of the world.”

10. one-line-tattoo-mo-robot

11. one-line-tattoo-mo-deer

“Anyone can add and add and add. It gets very interesting when you have a limited range of tools to work with”

13. one-line-tattoo-mo-wild fox mas trees



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