What happens when the finest comedians perform for 8-year-olds? Cuteness overload!

What happens when the finest of Indian comedians come together for a cause? Teach For India just did that and meet the comedians who came together to do some stand-up acts for 3rd and 4th grade kids:

teach for india (1)

teach for india (2)

teach for india (3)

teach for india (4)

teach for india (5)

And here’s the audience. The comedians might have a tough time making them laugh!

teach for india (6)

The video was shared by Biswa Kalyan Rath who had helped to organize this visit. He told BuzzFeed India,

As comedians we are used to adult crowds, but I wanted comedians to break out of this comfort zone. Kids are the funniest human beings and hence, the best critics of humour. Hence the idea of doing comedy for kids. The experience was a MINDBLOWN.

What was the cause, you ask? The reason why they went there was to spread awareness about literacy in India. In the end, you can see Biswa asking the viewers to sign up for the Teach For India fellowship program for low income and under-resourced schools.