This pervert masturbated to a woman and ran away on being confronted

Maryanna Abdo had no idea that she was going to have a terrible start to a day. This happened to her at 8:50 am, today. A guy was masturbating to her and when she tried to confront him and take him to the police, he ran away. Here’s the guy –


The one highlighted in the pic is the offender.

When someone asked her where the incident happened, she provided the exact location.


Maryanna Abdo is a writer who works out of LA, London and Mumbai. She also tried to catch him, but he ran away.

And it was very wise of her to reply this way to the guy who felt sorry for her, as this happened in India. Kudos, girl.

Is there any stopping to such shameful acts? Just the other day, we shared the story of the girl who was forcibly kissed by a guy. The guy was shamelessly protected by a sub-inspector who said that “kissing is not molestation”. The friend of the girl who shared the story was in deep trouble followed by this incident.

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