Female drug peddler turned writer from Kerala writes the tragic story of her life

You are not the only one who thinks a book can be based on your life’s story. 40-year-old drug peddler, Lissy too thinks her life will be a great story for everyone to read. Lissy has written her entire life story along with her love for writing in her book in Malayalam called – “Kuttavaliyil ninnu Ezhuthukariyileykku” which means, ‘From Convict to Writer’. Lissy wrote this book while she spent her days in a jail in Kerala.

She has written 14 poems and 8 stories for the book. Journalist-turned PR professional, Subin Mananthavady helped her in writing the book, ‘From Convict to Writer’.

Lissy’s new life as a writer started when she was caught by the police while carrying drugs in 2011. She did not know what the packet contained in it, but she was out to sell it to get her sister’s burns treated.

“Around two years back, while I was doing a feature on ‘Changing face of Prisons’ for a vernacular magazine, I had a chance meeting with Lissy which sparked the idea of writing a book on her,” Subin told IANS.

Lissy belongs to Wayanad district of Kerala. Her life is tragic. She was a bright student, but had to drop out of school when her father died in 1988. She married a friend, who later died after which she returned to Wayanad.

With Kerala home department’s help, Subin got numerous opportunities to meet with Lissy in the prison. Together, they took 18 months to finish the story of her life.

“There were two cases against her and in 2011 she was sentenced for 25 years in these cases. In my first meeting with her, she handed me a piece she had written and I was amazed with her language. I saw a writer in her. Every time I met her, I encouraged her to write. The jail staff too was helpful and gave her the motivation to continue her writings,” Subin.

Lissy wishes her book to release in the presence of her mother. Subin is trying to get the jail authorities’ permission to allow the book release to be done in the jail.

Who all would like to read Lissy story?

Source : TheNewsMinute

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