This story of 75-year-old man fixing his roof will restore your faith in humanity

This story will restore your #Faithinhumanity .

75-year-old Richard Dubiel is a hardworking man who likes to do things his way. Age does not seem to slow his determination down when he gets on doing what he wants to. For the last 3 months Richard was working on his roof. He has taken up the task of replacing shingles all by himself. At the age of 75, you won’t expect a person to be doing that kind of job, but Richard was doing it without any help. richard

When Richard’s neighbour, David spotted him working on the roof. He was shocked at the sight of an elderly man with calloused hands and weak knees perched on top of his roof. He took a picture and decided to ask people if they knew a roofer.


His post was shared 1100 times on Facebook, volunteers responded to fix the roof for free on Saturday. When Richard woke up and got outside his house, he saw the group volunteers working on his roof. He was astounded.

Because he liked his things to be the way he likes them, volunteers asked Richard to sit back and supervise.


His street was packed with roofing trucks.

roofing truck

Food and drinks for the workers were too arranged by the volunteers. Richard’s new roof was fixed by the afternoon. But before they placed the final shingle, they called Richard up to to attach it himself. The man, who had become a bit hard with the passing time, was gobsmacked by the act of kindness.


How many times do you see someone helping others? Even a single incident of that pure bliss needs to be shared to spread the idea of kindness, love and fellowship with as many people as we know. If you can recall an incident or know a story that restored your faith in humanity, do share it with us.

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