If you have been trying to read why civil war broke in Syria, this comic will explain in 5-minutes

Wars are strange. All of a sudden, complete strangers who don’t know anything about each other start killing. Syria’s long civil war has been a talking point for all. Hit by drought for years due to our inability to manage climate stress, Syria’s people lost their calm over a not too mammoth of an issue. The revolution against the President Assad killed over 240,000 people, 4 million people fled the country, and 7 million have been displaced. If you have been reading on the Internet to understand what happened in Syria that broke this disastrous civil war, you should read this simple and very well designed comic made by Symbolia.

syria whats going on

syria from 2006 to 2011

syria president bashar al assad

syria droughtsyria angry teenagers

syria angry boys families

syria's govt

syria children of daraa

syria revolution

syria the assad family

syria human caused climate changesyria climate and security

syria climate stressed


We all are responsible for the war that broke in Syria.