Karan Singh Grover falls prey to online lottery scam; loses Rs. 5.6 lakh

 Bollywood newbie Karan Singh Grover seems to be in trouble. The Indian Express reported of a complaint made by him with the Mumbai police claiming that money was siphoned off from his bank accounts. He has fallen prey to the notorious Nigerian online lottery scam.

Karan has alleged that he has lost Rs 5.6 lakh which he paid as ‘the processing fees’ to claim his ‘winning prize money’. He did so after he received an email that he has won a lottery online. After making this payment, he never received the promised sum. When he tried to contact the fraudsters, they became incommunicado.

A police officer from Khar police station, where the complaint has been lodged said, “the actor has shared his account details and we are probing the case. Online lottery scams are rampant and many times they are operated from off shore. Though, in this case the actor has shared the mobile numbers of the fraudsters and we are working on it.”

The 33-year-old actor had made his Bollywood debut opposite Bipasha Basu in Alone, this January. In my opinion, even a 15-year-old would know that such lotteries are frauds! After the back-to-back mess ups by Hrithik Roshan and now by Karan, I am forced to think if the Hindi Film Industry is just all about pretty faces . Nonetheless, as of now we can just hope that Karan gets back his money at the earliest.

This news informeation is sourced from The Indian Express

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