Attention men! Let Zakir Khan teach how to impress a girl at the airport in his hilarious way

Probably one must have never even thought of this, but one of our favorite comedians, Zakir Khan did – how to impress girls at the airport! As I talked about it before, the reasons that puts Zakir different from the others is that he narrates a story like incident in Hindi. After flawlessly connecting with the audience, there’s no stopping for him!

In this stand-up act, he narrates his airport experience and how being a cool dude help him impress the girl on the counter. This one is for the male readers – Mr. Khan has some fine advice on impressing girls at the airport and it worked for him. Though it’s kinda dicey if it will work for you or not. In case you want to follow his plan, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you ;)

The entire video is a laughter riot, but here are my favorite parts from it:

This is how it starts!

aitport 1

Seriously, kya badtameexi hai?

aitport 2

Because obviously there was nothing else that he could have done which would have made him look cool like this.

aitport 3

Lesson learnt: Cool logon ke saath har koi co-operate karta hai. 

aitport 4

Check out his rib tickling act here –