Artist creates surreal art-pieces in the air with light and movement; his work is magnificent

Ever thought, one could make a series of brilliant art pieces in the air (yes, really, in the air) with a flashlight (I am not kidding…duh!)? Artist Julien Breton creates a unique art form that is captured with a long exposure on a film camera. The artist takes a flash light in his hand and motions it in the air that looks like the artist is dancing in the silence. What comes later, is a magnificent documentation of an art piece made with light.

For Julien, the world around him is his canvas and the colours come from his flashlight. 


Julien doesn’t retouch or edit his photographs.


His surreal work is captured in one go. No retakes!

Arabic calligraphy. Tetouan, Morocco, 2015.

Julien uses no physical canvas. The world around make for it. 

New York, USA.

“A white sheet is too limiting. To paint on a canvas, however large, means in any case a limit within which I do not feel myself free to express my whole being. Only light is really infinite. The only limit is the air.”

Nantes, France, 2012.

This is Julien’s work in Jodhpur!

Jodpur, India, 2012.

Light calligraphy in France. 

Issé, France, 2014.

Julien’s website says, “Julien Breton’s art is a cry in silence.” It is so right!

Alexandrie, Egypte, 2015
Alexandrie, Egypte, 2015

The pictures are so awe-inspiring and soulful that they will make your heart beat. You will feel things. He wishes “to create a semantic bridge between Arabian and Western culture in order to create a universal language that can transmit feelings by going beyond words themselves.”

New York, USA, 2012.

“The sense of his calligraphy, the colours he uses, the forms and direction of the light, all derive from, and return to, the moment in which they are created.”

Arabic calligraphy. Tetouan, Morocco, 2015.


Can’t wait to see Julien’s magic at the Taj Mahal. It will be the most beautiful sight ever!

Saint-Laurent sur sèvres, France, 2014.

Watch Julien create art in India.


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