This true story of two sisters murdered in an office building will haunt you forever!

From a bungalow in a posh colony to a haunted fort, from a haunted tree people avoid crossing at night to an office building people are too scared to enter, there is no denial every city has its haunted spots. Popular YouTube channel, Vipra Dialogues has been sharing some really cool and funny videos however, this time around they have decided to give you a chilling horrifying true story.

In December 1998, a case of two sisters stabbed in an office building in Knowledge Park, Greater Noida was reported. The murder was a stalker whom the girls had refused to talk to.

Case of the Dead Sisters - newspaper cutout

People reported that they felt and saw strange things happening in the building. 5 office employees from the same bay even became mentally unstable after 5 months of the incident.

Case of the Dead Sisters

The last case was of a girl, who lost her voice and received several bruises on her after she felt the presence of the two sisters.

Case of the Dead Sisters - the sisters

Of course, the company kept all the incidents hidden and its name under cover. However, the building is still haunted and cursed forever.

Let’s see if you are brave enough to watch this video.

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