Husband sues his wife for $13,000 for looking totally different, without makeup

Fights between couples is a normal routine. No one will take them seriously. We trust the old theory that fights only bring two lovers closer. But this is not the case with the couple we are talking about. An Algerian man recently got married has sued his wife for cheating him. The wife has been dragged to the court because she looks like a completely different person without her makeup on as per the reports from Little Church Mouse.

When he was asked whether he had not seen her without the makeup, he replied, “no, never.”

When night when he got home, he saw a stranger in the house who was his wife sans her everyday make up. He has sued his wife for $13,000 as he was traumatized by the act of his wife who cheated him.

Here is what the sources say on behalf of the husband:

woman sued by her husband after seeing her without makeup photos

Do you think what her husband did was right? Is he not equally responsible for what happened? No one can expect a woman to look similar even after the makeup so how could he expect her to look the same? Has the importance of marriage lost its glory?

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