Twitter announces local weather news service called ‘Tomorrow’

Twitter is partnering with Climate journalist Eric Holthaus to launch a local weather news service on the platform called “Tomorrow. The service will be available in 15 different cities across North America and the Dominican Republic. Along with Holthaus, a group of 18 local meteorologists will create free content and content for paid members.

The team will produce newsletters and exclusive long-form content on Twitter via the company’s newly acquired newsletter platform Revue, as well as membership-specific short-form content for users, such as ticketed live audio sessions via Twitter “Spaces” and audience Q&A services. 

It is still unclear as to what all services you might be getting as a free user but those who take the  $10 monthly plan can ask unlimited questions during breaking news weather events to meteorologists and climate specialists, basically scaling a capacity that Holthaus says has become natural for the environment and climate specialists on Twitter in any case. Such paid users will also get a weekly newsletter thanks to Revue as well as early access to podcasts and long-form news.

Tomorrow could assist Twitter with diminishing its reliance on promotions regardless of whether just a small bunch of clients buy-in. For free customers, this will be a reason to keep coming back if existing weather sources are just are not sufficient. 

The question, obviously, is whether this will really contend with your nearby media source or other committed climate apps, as $10 each month is a ton to ask if you are only needing an occasional weather forecast.