20 shady things you do when you’re broke!

Maximum of today’s youth is working. Be it freelancing, be it working as an intern or as a trainee. However, the equation remains this way – the longer the hours of work, the smaller is the figure of salary!

At such times if you are away from home staying at a rented place, you would know the feeling which comes when your entire salary goes into your landlord’s account.

From free food to trying odd jobs, I have tried to cover all those things which you do in your Non Cash Days.

Have a read. And a laugh!

1. You go to company’s events just for free food
You stress your eyes over the invitation just to see the food timings. Once you are there, you fill your plate up to the brim and then you make sure you taste every damn thing.
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2. Drink coffee all day to avoid food

Mid day munching and evening snacks gets replaced by a cup of coffee. Day and night you are seen having coffee. After all, in the absence of food, it’s the only thing which fills up your stomach.

3. Hence, coffee has to be from the office machine and not 
And yes the coffee tastes hell different. It’s not Starbucks – you keep reminding yourself. Starbucks charges a lot!


4. You steal office stationary and claim to have bought it
Moving from one table to another you keep sliding things in your bag – be it a pen or a stapler and then when somebody recognizes you just claim it to be yours.

5. Off to home

Suddenly you realize you have one place to escape and that is your home. Imagine free Wi-Fi, food, furniture and TV. And nothing can beat parents’ love. Start Packing!

6. Eating co-workers’ food

You are always around them, during lunch time.
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7. Ketchup stealer
You accompany your friends to elite food chain houses and do nothing but steal ketchups. By the end of the month you have so many sachets that you can actually start its business.

8. Forgot my wallet – Acting

Whenever out with friends you act naturally of forgetting your wallet at home and then if lucky enjoy the treat of.mimic

9. Date? What’s that?

You love to be single in your non cash days and even if somebody tells you to go on a date you give them a serious look. Like bro, dates means expense.

10. Free food samples – Yayy

In India if Haldiram or Aggarwals want to introduce a new product they start by giving free samples. Yes, that is your actual treat. Keep updates about new product and reach the outlet to enjoy free samples.
fat monica

11. Gym Shower – best shower

You spend an hour in gym shower. The idea of cleaning yourself and saving water bill. Not bad at all!
White Collar

12. All machines are elite

That will be the time of the month when you wish power cut to happen often. You don’t vaccum and you don’t switch on A.C., heater, geyser, mixer-grinder, ever. It adds up to the electricity bill, bro.

13. Thank you, legs

Be it rain, snow, cold, hot, windy, whatever – you will walk and reach your destination. Suddenly you see all the benefits of walking!
walking in garden

14. Eating up room mate’s food

You make this a habit. You get up in the middle of night and eat up all the leftovers in the fridge.
eating chips

15. Throw a party to get free booze/food

This is the new trend. You invite friends for a get together and tell them to arrange for food and drinks.

16. Let us try odd jobs

You have thought of various options of making money. “I should baby sit or I should open up a travel agency or I should deliver milk.” You have thought of every possible option to make money.
flying dominoz

17. “I am fasting”

Every time, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks time, whenever a colleague asks you to go out for food your instant reply is, “I am fasting”. Anyday better than “I am broke”.
No thanks

18. Goes to Starbucks for free 
Who will pay your broadband bills? Hence you enter Starbucks with a tensed face, order free water and then start using Wi-Fi.

19. Sleep for last 2 days before money arrives
After trying all the ways to fill the gap of non cash days finally you feel exhausted and so decide to sleep and tell your room mate to wake you up when the money arrives!
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20. Partayy

And now when the bank account looks heavy you simply can’t hold yourself back from partying.
Is there anything else you do to console yourself when you’re broke? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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