20 real indicators that shout out, “you are in LOVE”!

Gone are the days when people loved sharing and announcing it to others, “I am in love”, but nowadays with more efforts towards having a privacy centric life, which does not remain private for long, people accept their feelings for the other, lately. The ego or the fact that let-the-other-say-first comes in between them.

You don’t say those three magical words so soon, rather you confirm to yourself about being in love and then put it forth. To make it easier for you, here are some indications that will pave your way towards love, and will give answers to many changes in you recently.

1. “Good morning!” You expect that text/call to be there!
Yes, the first thing you use your mobile phones in the morning before you even have a glance at the time is to look out for the message he/she sent in. Among all the pending messages received late night, you read theirs first and even re-read all the conversations you had with him/her the other day.

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2. The ‘delete’ button – a nightmare
All the texts you read of him/her, even if its occupying the inbox, you think twice before deleting them. Somewhere while reading this as well you might be thinking of some of such precious messages you just saved separately today.

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3. You like that? I am cool with it…
She starts accepting his craze for cars, bikes, late night hang outs etc., and he starts accepting her need for extreme shopping, being a foodie, being “too” nice to people etc.


4. Those ‘angry friends’ moment!
You simply avoid their calls and texts, a glance at your friends’ pings and think of replying to them later, where that ‘later’ never comes so soon. However it’s unknowing and they happen to blame it all on your newly entered person to your life.


5. No extra compulsion on eschewing bad habits
Forcing something to do is NEVER required if in love! Smoking and drinking is a big time habit that comes under the “bad” tag always with both the genders as of now. But for the other person shunning this habit off becomes easier if it’s for that special one. Yes, biting your nails and snoring are also bad habits! He.. he..



6. The ‘creativity’ hormone just got active
You become more artistic and inventive. You start checking out blogs for “Ways To Surprise Your Love”, “Ways To Gift Wrap For Birthday”, “Ways To Impress Him/her”, “Gifts That May Convey Love”, “How to choose a gift?” etc. You make hand made cards, poems and even love stories.


7. It’s her call? And you suddenly get upright!
You find a way to sneak out from your friends when you get ‘that’ call because you want to give your best while on the call, right? You search for a quieter place, you clear your throat, and you leave your surrounding for a while. The call then takes a never ending route!! LOL.. (See to it that the Unlimited Call Plans are activated)


8. Sex is not the only thing on your mind
Yes, being physical is not the only criterion or motto for you talking to that person, you think of being with the person, you think of caring for him/her, you want the person as an important part of your life other than family and friends.

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9. Appearance check, always! From NOT to HOT
Looking better, joining gym, dance classes, yoga and even aerobics is just a beginning. Impressions should last forever, and let the good ones last. Grooming oneself becomes expensive but you don’t care! You simply undergo metamorphosis.

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10. Flirting? What’s that?
The hot guy or girl in the next counter is gaping at you, that’s when you easily ignore the gaze and wish your favorite person to be at the staring end instead.


11. Her happiness is his, so is his to her
You suddenly find interest in what the other is intrigued to. You find a way to help him/her in the work they do. You discuss the profession, work, and schedules to each other and respect and find fun in your differences.


12. Any love SMSes, please?
Earlier you didn’t even read and deleted those love messages you got ASAP. But now you are keenly and desperately in need of them. Impressing the person is always welcome, right?


13. What does his/her status mean? Was it for me?
‘Facebook’ing and ‘WhatsApp’ing has become rampant; more and more people are only getting added to it. If after (or even before) checking your notifications, you first check his/her profile and status then bammmm!! You had hit it. Somewhere the feeling has already got instilled.


14. Cuteness is directly proportional to increasing no. of days
As days pass the person seems to be cuter, sweeter, perfect, sexier, hotter, handsome, and beautiful… and what not!

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15. Unpleasant; when the person’s out of town
The news of his/her going on a vacation or moving out of town for work fears you, makes you feel a bit down. All the wonderful mornings and evenings come to stall. (Beware… this is the moment where you may even burst out.)

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16. The girl takes up cooking seriously and the guy; financial expenses!
Yes, she become easy on cooking and thinks of new meals that can be ever cooked. And he becomes easier upon spending.

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17. Rains are always welcome
Yes, it’s filmy, (because I believe it’s always films getting inspired by us, not we getting inspired by films) you secretly do wish to rain if you really feel that someone with you to be special. Reason- rains make the surroundings more interesting.


18. Maturity develops
Does maturity only comes with age? No, it even comes with dealing with people. You like him/her so much that you always want the person to know how grown up you are, mentally! You try being realistic rather than materialistic.

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19. Songs! Yes, songs!
How can you not relate yourself to each and every love song? It’s never necessary that it should be from your favorite singer. Any singer. Real lyrics. Yes! That becomes the ‘our’ song too soon. You even try singing that in your bathroom, this time more melodiously.


20. Jealousy! God save you now.
You have come to that turn where you reach only if there is love. Do you need more proof? But yeah, you hell try to hide it though!


So don’t fear love, accept it – if you do, say it- if you are developing it in you for someone. Here I shared some of my views about the signs that you get before falling in the well called LOVE, by my experience though!!

If you had any other experiences than these then do feel free to share it here. After all being alone sucks!


Right, guys?

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