30 amazing ’90s cartoons which we absolutely loved to love!

Everyone loves to laugh, getting entertained, that is why anyone will love cartoons. It does not have any age criteria, though. Is anyone who is reading this never had a favorite character? Belonging to the ’90s or ’80s was never so easy. Technologies just changed overnight, and people, even in lesser time than that. So how can the trend of cartoons (our most favorite pastime over tea), be left behind? However, you will definitely agree to the present drought in the cartoon world. The coming generations are seriously facing a lack of animated talents on TV. *sad*

If you have one or two, you will definitely find them in here. If no, even then, read it along, you may generate an interest on any one of them ‘just like that’ click! ;)

Come with me and walk down the memory lane with some interesting cartoons you wished to get back.

1. Scooby-Doo
Shaggy, Fred, Velma And Daphne and their mystery machine solved a lot of cases which were fun to watch till the end, keeping us all engrossed.


2. Chip ‘n Dales Rescue Rangers

Two nut loving squirrels, or I should say chipmunks, made us go through a laugh riot with their crime solving skills as detectives named Chip and Dale. They were the true saviors for many in cases which the police was not interested to solve.

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3. Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

The cute little bears in the forest have their own problems in living, have their own happiness, and yes their own adventures. Our favorite Gummies like Cubbi, SunniGruffiZummiTummi and Grammi were characters left us loved. Can we ever forget their gummi berry juice? We always had a fantasy to drink it, right?

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4. The Powerpuff Girls

“Fighting crimes, trying to save their world, here they are just in time, the Powerpuff girls.” Can you ever forget this song? No, never. This bunch of cuties; Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles, created by Professor Utonium with sugar, spice and everything nice + Chemical X, gave the world a real set of saviors.


5. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The character of a strong savior and the one who is the most powerful as he is in the series has gotten much acclaim with the teenage viewers, rather than the really small kids. To make the characters more children friendly there was a character named Okro as well. Who all didn’t like him? Tee hee!


6. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Since the early ’90s the awareness for a clean earth and a safer place for the future was the message that Captain Planet always conveyed. Along with his Planateers, who have the rings or earth, air, water, and wind (the basic elements of nature), who join together call him when in trouble elated to earth’s future.

captain planetSource

7. ThunderCats

These group of cat-like humanoid aliens are responsible for saving a planet called third earth. With their adventures to discover the three stones of power and along with their famous Sword of Omen, they had quite an impact with action packed adventures.

Thunder CatsSource

8. Ninja Turtles

Another action related comic series with four teenage humanly turtles and with their karate and judo skills fighting petty crimes and gang lords of New York city as well as aliens and other mutants, keeping it as safe as ever.

mutant turtelSource

9. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

The two vigilante cat pilots along with the fighter jet with all advanced amenities of weaponry who live in Mega Kat city face all kinds of ferocious and dangerous criminals to save their city.

swat catsSource

10. Dungeons And Dragons

Taking a wrong step through the magical dark ride of roller coaster in an amusement park, some kids of age 8 to 15 reach the Realm of Dungeon and Dragons where the Dungeon Master guides them with providing powers and weapons to find their way out. Small kids with big adventures, we all wished to get lost in some amusement park just like that!

dungan and dragonsSource

11. DuckTales

Remember the filthy rich and yet greedy uncle ScroogeMcDuckand his nephews? In these tales, his nephews help their uncle to save him from getting looted by the villains who always have an eye over his giant wealth.


12. Johnny Bravo

Yes, the womanizer, the dumb, the lucky, the well built charmer with an Elvis Presley voice and hairdoJohnny  Bravo was and is a real treat for everyone who watches it. His main aim in this series is to find a perfect lady love for her. This guy resembles a lot of them in real life, you might have known. Right?!


13. Tom and Jerry

The all time favorites, the most loved in all generations characters, Tom and Jerry is the cartoon where the story revolves around a cat and mouse, where the former tries to catch the latter with vain possibilities and even tries to be friends at times of atrocities.

tom and jerrySource

14. Samurai Jack

A Samurai named Jack is lost in a different world and is finding his way out to go back in time and defeat his enemies, especially Aku. The name might be ringing a bell somewhere. His silent comic and actions along with the kind of animation it was, had a distinct touch.


15. Dexter’s Laboratory

Aaah! This was my favorite. A chemist (trying vainly to be one, completely) has his own secret lab, Dexter. He is a small kid and loves to play with chemicals. He has an irritating sister called Dee Dee with a pair of mega-legs and micro-body. The character is cool!


16. The Flintstones

A series in an ancient set up, but still modern. They can read but have stone newspapers. They have fashion, but wear animal skins, they transport, but in stone made cars and trucks. You definitely liked the central couple – Fred and Wilma Flintstones. Yabbadabbaadooooooo….!


17. Wile E. Coyote and The Road runner

A real bird, which is the fastest runner on earth has a cartoon counterpart, who is fetch by Coyote, who with all his animal activities, tries his level best to catch and eat him. All his techniques, however backfires on him comically.

the road runner showSource

18. Popeye the Sailor
Spinach was never this tasty till Popeye was seen consuming it to convert himself from a puny boy to a powerful man in order to save his lovey dovey Olive Oyl from his Humpty enemy Bruno. This character of the young ones was a way to show the importance of greens in one’s diet. Sing-along.”I Popeye the sailor man.. poo.. poo…


19. Richie Rich

A really rich and good-at-heart, soft spoken, intelligent, smart boy named Richie has an adventurous childhood. He keeps his money safe from the intruders by various scientific and novel ways with the help of his dog, Dollar and best friend, Gloria.

richi richSource

20. Ed, Edd n Eddy

The comic triplets – EdEdd and Eddy share similar sort of names but completely different nature. The series showed the daily happening with these adolescent teens and also a corner of love with the Kanker Sisters.

ed edd and eddySource

21. I am Weasel

The characters I.M weasel and I.R Baboon were shown so cutely intelligent and perfectly dumb, that in any two best friends you can surely find that trait. The clever and smart weasel always overpowers the baboon, even if tries too hard to be like him.

weasel and baboonSource

22. The Smurfs

Later converted into a huge movie, The Smurfs were small blue cartoons, cute and really tiny. Children loved them for their adventures, and truly did wish at times to get that tiny and be on another level on earth. You ought to be lying if you said “No”!


23. The Mask

The zoot-suited, green faced, bizarre man that the central character becomes when he wears an abandoned wooden mask, is a real sweetheart to watch. His adventures, above all, his comedy timing and way of dealing with the thieves and criminals is just different. Wooing the ladies was an add-on. This was based on a famous Jim Carrey movie – The Mask.


24. Noddy

A recent generation character held the young teens with his bell on his cap. The good natured, helping hand giver character that Noddy played gave motivation to the young minds.

here comes noddySource

25. Pokemon

Yes! Bet you don’t have any of the Pokemon badges, games or card with your left. Pickachu was your favorite too, right? Awwww.. I miss them all.


26. Dragon Ball

The manga series had an impact on the Indian as well as American televisions with Goku, the central character. He is on a mission to find the dragon balls so as to have a dragon that grants wishes.

dragon ball ZSource

27. Recess

The story revolves about a bunch of kids in elementary school. Their activities, adventures, communities, freedom and ways of thoughts moving is shown during that period of the school day where they can just be what they are – Recess. We all loved rescesses, and still do? Right? (Pun intended)


28. SpongeBob SquarePants

In his underwater fictional city, bikini Bottom, SpongeBob is an active character living there and how different routine actions of his are affected and it turns out to be adventurous in its own ways. He makes a lot of friends too.


29. Courage the Cowardly dog

You will surely remember the pink dog named Courage, who was owned by an old couple. The lady loved him, but not the old man, Still Courage stands up to all odds when it comes to saving their owners from aliens, zombies, and demons without them knowing.


30. Winnie-the-Pooh

Another one like Tom and Jerry that will never lose its charm of being the most loved cartoon because of the characters like Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Christopher Robin – the sole human character in the series who guides and helps these animals in many ways; Kanga, RabbitRoo, and Owl. I love Pooh the most when he says- Oh, brother!


So I hope I have covered all your favorite cartoons, if still you have any other coming out of your mind, do let me know in the comments below!

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