16 rare and the cute ways to pop that question!

You have been seeing each other since school and now it is that time of your life when you both know almost everything about each other and it still doesn’t get boring. You both love each other so much that it is both heart melting and one of your strengths. If all of this is true then it is probably the right time to pop that question.

We are not talking about going for a romantic dinner, or vacation to ask her to marry you. Not even a cake or cupcake deal. These ideas are different and we bet you will go for one of these super cool ideas.

1. Put a toy-gun on her head and threaten her to marry you.

marry on a gun pointSource

2. If you like to ask her out, this is the best thing to stick to her door or notebook.

lose in loveSource

3. This involves spending a huge sum but if she is worth it, then why not!

will you marry me postersSource

4. It is an Easter egg, but you could even take a cute piggy bank, tie the ring with a tread to the note and surprise her!  :)

proposal in an egg shellSource

5. Make her a cup of coffee/tea and leave this spoon to let her stir the sugar and see the big question.
You don’t know how to make tea or coffee? No worries, take her to the coffee shop, insist on bringing her coffee to her table while she settles at a table and leave the spoon by the cup. Ta-da! :D

will you marry me spoonSource

6. Bring her a few cupcakes or anything she prefers for desserts and place the ring on top of it!

cup cakeSource

7. Use funny online memes just like this guy!

question markSource

8. If she knows you since the day you played Mario together, this is the best idea, or if she only knows how to play Mario.  

You will only need someone to design the box for you.

engagement ringsSource

9. Create your own meme! And let your friends comment below convincing her to say yes! It did work you see.

proposal funnySource

10. Get her pair of these Toms for her or paint one. Decorate the box with shoes and courier it to her. She will not only be surprised, but she will also have them as a great memory.

marry me slippersSource

11. Create this! And send it to her. Aww… this is a sweet act for a non-material girl.

will you marry me collageSource

12. Every girl likes Oreo cookies. Stuff the rock in it and ask her to eat the cookie in the traditional open, lick and eat way and there you go.
Make sure you have your camera ready to see her sweetest expressions.

cookie ringSource

13.This is a brilliant idea! You only need to get in touch with a cutlery etcher/designer. :D


14. Your girl knows how to play the guitar. Amazing! Get this adorable guitar pick. She would never wanna lose it for her entire life.

hotpants, will you marry meSource

15. Propose your girl with something she is addicted to just like this

If she loves to shop dress, you could gift her a beautiful dress with a customized tag that reads your gorgeous marriage proposal.

16. If you both love a football club, take her to the stadium for the match and propose to her. She will totally love it.


theme proposalSource

Remember! Do anything but don’t do this!

funny memeSource

For desserts watch Monica and Chandler’s amazing proposal clip.

Share which one is your favorite idea in the comments section below!


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