20 lip smacking Indian street food that we can never get enough of!

Indians are foodies and we Indians take an immense pride in that! All the states have their own specialties which are totally mouth watering! However, some food items from over India are so popular in terms of their amazing taste, that we absolutely love to frequently have them.

Here are the 20 best Indian street food that we Indians can never get enough of!

1. Bun Maska and Cutting Chai
It is the ideal breakfast combination for almost a third of the Indian population. The soft bun, laden with melted butter, dipped in hot chai seems like the perfect start for a hectic day. This tempting combo is yummy and utterly mouthwatering.

Maska Bun , Cutting TeaSource

2. Gol Gappa
The undisputed winner of the Indian Street Food category shall always remain the natkhat Gol Gappa (popularly also known as Pani Puri, Puchka and Pani ke bataashe). We call it so because it embraces a multitude of flavors – a sweet, spicy yet savoury dish. The moment it lands in your mouth, it is sure to flood your mouth with a tsunami of masaledar tehelka.


 3. Chana Zor Gharam
This is kind of the underdog in this league; but that does not lessen the number of takers for this quick tangy dish. Chana zor garam is the favourite of every Indian child. It is often presumed that you haven’t enjoyed your childhood if you haven’t relished a handful of Chana zor garam from the nearby Bhaiya ji.

Indian-Street-Food-Chana Jor Garam-Spicy-TastySource

 4. Vada Pav
This humble dish made of bun and deep fried potatoes is always on top of the list of every Mumbaikar. The soft bun and the crispy aloo is a great idea for a quick snack. This simple yet delightful dish has enabled various companies to make fortunes from it.


 5. Dabeli
This is a Gujarati seasoned Vada pav sans the aloo. Dabeli is a snack that tantalizes not only your taste-buds, but also your mood. This flavorsome delicacy has a mixture of various items stuffed in the bun with pomegranates and a hint of tang.


 6. Ande ka Funda
It is rightly said, “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande.” When your nearest laree/tapri wala serves more than 50 types (for some lucky ones out there even around 150 varieties) of egg dishes, you are sure to forget the best 7 Star Hotel’s sunny side up or any dish, for that matter. Gotala, Italian half fry, boiled bhurjee are just a few names on the never ending menu of theirs.


7. Bhajiyas
Bhajias – the beloved snack of every North, West, East and South Indian. This delectable item has from years managed to satiate food lovers from every place. It comes with diverse choices of capsicum, onion, potato, chili and sometimes even bananas!

Bhajiya- Indian street foodSource

8. Kachori
The moment one says ‘Kachori,’ all one can think of is the blend of tastes that play around on one’s tongue when you have a bite of this exquisite dish. It is tangy, spicy, sweet and chatpata, at the very same time. Surely I’d say, this is what describes India!

Kachori- Indian Street foodSource

9. Idli Sambhar
This conventional dish of the south which has won hearts all across the country. Easy to make and easy to eat, it is the quick fix breakfast menu for every working professional.


10. Papdi no Lot
A steaming hot rice preparation that is sure to take our taste buds on a roll. Served with green chilies and oil, it is among the choicest dishes from the Gujju menu, and has been a delight from toddlers and adults alike.

Papdi no lotSource

11. Sev Usal
Also called Misal Pav, this is among the most cherished of the Maharashtrian dishes. Made of steamed pulses garnished with all different toppings ranging from raw onions, coriander, sev to coconut shreds which when sprinkled with a hint of lemon plaster a satiated smile all over your face.

Sev usalSource

12. Bhel
A dish that truly depicts the diverse strings of Indian culture – an exquisite mélange of freshly cut veggies, mamra (puffed rice) and sev that can be spicier or sweeter as per one’s mood demands. After having one, you are sure going to say, ‘Bhaiya, ek aur banao.

Bhel puri- Indian streetfoodSource

 13. Dahi Vada
Popularly also called Dahi Bhalla, it has deep fried vadas that are put into water and made soggy. They are then squeezed off the water and dipped into sweet thickened yogurt. To add the finishing touches, they are sprinkled with an assortment of spices and chutneys to not only make them look but even taste delicious.

sabudana-vrat-dahi-vada-Indian street foodSource

14. Momos
A fast catching trend setter, Momos have become the first-stop fast food suggestion in the minds of a huge number of youngsters. Steamed flour balls, stuffed with the fillings of veggies or meat offer a refreshing and unique taste.


15. Kanda Poha
The most common breakfast menu item for an average Indian, Kanda poha has its reigns stretched from North to South. A simple and healthy meal that satisfies a hungry belly to its fullest.


16. Tandoori Chicken
This juicy tender roasted meat is a favourite of all North Indians. Marinated with several flavours, it surely never disappoints anyone who wishes to indulge in it.


17. Pav Bhaji
It has masala, it has butter, it has onions and it has lemon! What else does an Indian want? Pav Bhaji is the ultimate street food that is cherished by each Indian. This tasteful fusion is unmatched by even the best of cuisines.

Pav BhajiSource

18. Ghanne ka Juice
The number one drink for a large faction of Indians is the Ganne ka juice (Sugarcane Juice). Apart from being extremely delightful in all seasons, this drink also helps you beat the heat and fill your tummy at the same time. Available nowadays in a variety of flavors, it has an option for every taste-bud that wishes to indulge in it.


19. Matka Kulfi
How can an Indian meal ever end without a sugar-filled dessert? This gap is aptly filled by Matka Kulfi. The rich milk creme intermingled with different Indian flavors like kesar, pista and badam is the best that an Indian dessert can get.

Kulfi- Indian street foodSource

20. Paan
Every Indian’s meal is incomplete without consuming Paan at the very end. This dish has a plethora of flavors enveloped in a leaf in an exquisite manner in order to pamper your taste buds and climax your meal with just the right tinges of freshness and taste.

Paan- Indian street foodSource

So are you already on your way to grab any of these yum dishes? If you know any which we are missing, let me know in the comments section below!