Traveler eats burritos while traveling, finishes his journey with a delicious illustration

You think you are the biggest foodie ever! This guy will put all the foodies out there to shame. 2012 Ohio State University graduate behind the popular art page ‘Random Cushing‘ has dedicated a website to his favourite food – Burritos. The man eats burritos at popular eateries whenever he travels. He makes an illustration of the plate served to him and rates the food he eats in a complex rating system.  The North American Adventurer’s Guide To Burritos is a comprehensive guide for every burrito fan. rafa

“Illustrator, cartoonist, animator, and intrepid explorer of vast weirdness. Located out of North America, headed for the world.”crisostomo

The artist has covered many places and happens to eat a burrito wherever he goes.  brassas

Each burrito is graded on different categories: roll, ingredients, dispersal (this one is very important, as any burrito lover will tell you), and sauce.aquimichu

‘Each criteria is measured out of 4 points (in ¼ increments) and averaged the total for the score.’



el camion

dos banderas



The artist has eaten in Texas, Utah, California, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, and more!tortilleria