26 quotes from Indian Prime Minister Modi’s speech at Madison Square Garden

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for giving powerful speeches and he gave one more, but this time the entire world listened. It is very rare that any political leader has such popularity outside the boundaries of his own country. The Madison Square was full with large Indians turning up to listen to Mr. Modi. Even the congressmen of USA were present to hear him speak.

Saying that after being just on water for 96 hours due to Navratri fasting, the energy level of Narendra Modi is commendable, would be an understatement. 

He wore his trademark Kurta and Jacket and spoke in Hindi. He started his speech with “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and the crowd erupted with chants of “Modi Modi…”!!

It was very clear, he wanted to connect with the NRIs and give out a message to the world that India has arrived. Some of his noteworthy points were:

1. “There was a time India was known as a land of snake charmers and it is due to you people (the youth) that the perception has changed”
Modi gave a lot of credit to the young Indians who have excelled in technology for changing the image of India in the world.
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2. “Our ancestors used play with snakes, we play with the mouse”
During his visit to Taiwan he was asked if India still is full of black magic and snake charmers, to which he said no, India has devaluated, now we play with mouse (read computer mouse)
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3. “Our youth move the mouse and shake the world”
With 60% population below 35, there are many with technological know-how, and that is why we can run the world with a click of a mouse.

4. “More than India, the entire Indian community celebrated around the world after elections”
Modi knew that he had lots of support from Indians all over the world and wanted to thank them even if they were not the voters.
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5. “Not had a vacation for even 15 minutes”
Because with great power comes great responsibility, and he aims to fulfill all his promises.

6. “21st century is India’s Century”
This every country is saying in the world, for they know India is progressing and it will soon be at the top.
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7. “We are a young nation with an old culture and thus have lot of potential”
Referring to the vast young population in India and connecting it with the ancient culture, he struck a cod with everyone. With this kind of knowledge and skills nothing can stop India from becoming a super power.

8. “Democracy is a faith in India”
It is more than just a word, while America is the oldest democracy, India is the largest, and Indians believe in it.
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And we find our way around it.

9. “Development happens when there is inclusive growth”
He mentioned that our freedom fighters and revolutionists were alone and died fighting, but today we need to move ahead together.
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10. “I stay thousands of miles away, but understand your pain very well”
India has been a source of intellectual export, but the Indian-Americans have being facing Visa problems for a long time now, and to everyone’s surprise Modi did not disappoint them as he addressed the problem. NRISource

11. “A teacher should feel I am working for the country”
Working on Gandhi’s ideology, Modi said that everyone should do their job like they are serving the nation.
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12. “Skill development is the priority”
The Ministry for this was his priority. He talked about having more number of job creators and for those who can’t be one, making them efficient enough to be the first choice for the job.
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13. “Mars Orbiter Mission completed its trip in Rs 7 per km while auto fare in Ahmedabad is Rs 10”
Again this gave out a message to the NRIs and the world that India has done something that no other “developed country” has done. It’s an achievement and it was entirely indigenous.
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14. “India and America are even talking in Space”
MAVEN reached the orbit on 22nd and MOM on 24th.
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15. “Come Make in India”
Modi coined this phrase during the Independence Day speech and understood its value. His main agenda was that the people start believing in India and the government. He promised full support to anyone wanting to work for the country. He is open to any kind of suggestions and help and asked the Indian-Americans to join MyGov.in and contribute to the development of India.
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16. “It was a news that government officials came on time”
The PM has a good sense of humor. This is how he keeps the crowd engrossed. He mentioned how after he took over the office, this was the headlines in newspapers. He pointed that being on time should come naturally.
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17. “I am a common man – I like to work for the common men.”
As a PM he is expected to give a larger picture, but it is the ground level where he wants to work and bring the change

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18. “I have reached at this level by selling tea”
We were made familiar with this during his campaign days but somehow it still has not lost its charm. Maybe that’s how he got the idea for “chai pe charcha”. The crowd again started chanting “Modi Modi…” He said he likes to focus on small matters and has simple thinking, as that is how he has lived.
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People have taken his road to success too literally, though.

19. “Mahatma Gandhi gave us freedom, what did we give him?”
Referring to the cleanliness problem back home, with which even the NRIs associate, Modi spoke to the audience about his vision of a clean India. As Gandhi gave importance to a clean environment, after 67 years, India has made a mess out of itself, literally. He talked about building toilets, and that some people joke about it, but toilets happen to be a dire need of Indians at the moment.
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20. “Will give Lifelong visas for PIOs”
He asked the audience, “Are you happy now?” He also stated that in near future, PIO and OCI will be clubbed. There were loud cheers on this as he mentioned about on the spot Visas.

21. “Make travel for American tourists easier”
The PM promised to make every tourist from the USA comfortable and give an enjoyable and memorable experience in India. One way is by giving longer-stay Visas.
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22. “Housing for all by 2022”
Modi wants to see every Indian owning a house, and this, he plans to be done by 2022.
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23. “In 2015, it will be 100 years to the return of Gandhi in India”
He again connected to the NRIs by saying that even Mahatma was an NRI and he came back to India in 1915. He made such a difference to our country, and so can the Indian-Americans. He invited them to come back and embrace their motherland.
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24. “Will pay you back by making the India of your Dreams”
He said that no other political leader has received so much love; he acknowledged their support and promised to make an India that they would love to return to.

25. “Don’t just quote from the Vedas about the prominence of Ganga”
The utmost priority of PM Modi is his pet project “Namami Ganga Project”. Towards the end a video on Ganga cleaning was shown. He wants to see Ganga regain its glory and still have the modern amenities around it. This quote was mentioned in the video.
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26. “Bharat Mata ki… Jai”
He looked at his watch, and concluded his speech by saying “Bharat Mata ki” and asking the crowd to shout “Jai” with open arms. He joked that he is fasting, but the audience should have enough energy for this.
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