Being beautiful is what being happy is, this amazing video will tell you why!

What is beauty in today’s definition? A lady whose vital stats are 36-26-36, beautiful eyes which are decorated with make-up, toned up body which comes from ignoring everything you love and so many things we try to accomplish to be beautiful? Are these things really Beautiful? NO, there aren’t. Being beautiful is something which makes you happy.

Why do we need a figure that a professional model has? Why do we need expensive make-up and cosmetics that would just leave an adverse effect in a long run? We are what we are! Love yourself the way you are. Nobody is perfect in this world, all are different with their different likes and dislikes and that makes us beautiful.

There are so many things we can do to be beautiful. Watch this video to know what all can be done to inherit the real beauty. In the race to conquer beauty, don’t forget that real beauty comes from happiness. Our happiness!

Aren’t we already beautiful without covering ourselves in the designer clothes and branded cosmetics? Yes, we are. It is because the real beauty is from within. Share this video with your loved ones and tell them that they are beautiful :)