Beautiful documentary travels through the lives of every Indian LGBT community member

In the mood for love?

Independent filmmakers, Sandeep Kumar Singh and Aakriti Kohli have made a beautiful documentary film ‘In the mood for love’, that looks at the lives of lovers from the same sexes.

The film travels through everything that people from LGBT community experience in their personal lives. Their love, compromises, secrets, friendships, actually, everything!

In The Mood For Love advantage no girls In The Mood For Love advantage no girls 2

“A story of people who have lived and loved, the Film explores queer love and relationships, togetherness, love, sexuality and illegality in India.”

In The Mood For Love

The film’s teaser even shows the lighter side of their lives.

In The Mood For Love advantageIn The Mood For Love advantage 2In The Mood For Love advantage 3

The amazing teaser ends with beautiful lines, “The idea is to show how ordinarily extraordinary love is. That’s it. Love is just an emotion. It is genderless.” Watch the film’s first teaser shared by PSBT India, who commissions, produces and mentors 60+ independent documentary films a year, here.

I am definitely in a mood to love.