Time to get up! This is what sitting for long hours does to your body

If your work requires you to sit for long hours at your desk or if you find yourself hardly moving away from your desk, you don’t know it but you are treating your back badly. The most important part of our body is our back and if will not take care of it, we will end becoming really sick in the future. The average person spends more than half of his in an inactive state. This causes more harm than you can imagine. I am not writing this because I read all this on the internet, I am writing this because I have first hand experience in this case. Being treated for slipped disc and still under the treatment made me realize what I did wrong when I ignored taking breaks (a problem with hardworking and dedicated people, I think). So everything that your read in this article has come straight from the horse’s mouth. sittingg


Sitting for long hours causes chronic back pain, poor posture, and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. If your job requires you to sit for longer hours, you must read this entire article to know what it can do to your body.

1. Brain, Neck, And Shoulder

Keeping our bodies active increases blood and oxygen in our bodies. An inactive body equals a mind’s inability to think clearly. Staring at the screen strains our neck; to be specific, the cervical vertebrae. Poor poster damages our back and shoulder muscles.

2. Muscle loss

Being seated for long gives us what is called a swayback, or the unnatural over-extension of the spine’s natural arch. It also decreases the flexibility of our hips and back.

3. Damaging organs

Long periods of sitting causes heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer due to overproduction on insulin in our bodies. Over production of insulin also causes weight gain, which diabetes and obesity. Regular body movements kill cancer causing cells and increase blood flow to all the organs.

4. Leg Disorders

No blood circulation in legs causes swollen ankles, varicose veins, and even harmful blood clots. Prolonged sitting makes our bones weak and less dense.

How can you avoid all this?

  1. Sit straight. Avoid slouching. Buy a stool or an exercise ball to sit on.
  2. Do regular stretches. At least for 30 minutes. Get up, take a break and walk around in the office if you need to.
  3. Exercise or do yoga.
  4. Buy a standing work desk which will keep you on your feet and will give less strain to your back, whenever you want to sit down you can pick up your laptop and keep it on the regular work desk.

It is time you start taking short breaks at work. Tell me how you felt after you started taking the much needed breaks from work.

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